Introducing leveling system and dynamic APY.
(I use tier/level as synonyms here, both mean the same in this context)
Starting Tier: 1
Maximum Tier: 100
Level up every 12 hours. If you sell more than 15% of your balance within 48 hours, you will go back to tier 1 and will have to start leveling up again.
Everyone who receives tokens will start at level 1. It will take 50 days to reach the maximum Tier, which yields 200% apy.
Let the grind begin!
This new feature serves two purposes:
  • Incentivize holding, having a metric to track loyalty.
  • Make it more sustainable.
I called this a dynamic APY protocol. There will be a dashboard dapp released, to be able to see your levels, as well as see the apy on that level. It's like grinding in a game to achieve rewards. Level 100 people will be rewarded in the future, in our ecosystem.
The holders will be able to track their APY, balance, gains by APY, total supply and similar metrics on our dashboard which will be released soon after the launch.