So what is APY? It's annual yield percentage. If APY is 100%, that means you will have 2x by the end of the year. So you might have seen APYs promised by other projects like $SAFU, $Titano and their forks. It was a huge trend to promise exceptional gains, for example Titano offers 102,483.58% APY. There is a reason behind this insane number: it does not work.
They abuse the naiveness of the average investor to lure them in with high numbers and in reality the APY you gain by buying and holding these tokens is exactly 0%. You gain more tokens, but they are not worth any more than before gaining them... I made a video about this to explain it more in-depth. I mean, how would they make it sustainable anyway with those numbers...?
The core issue is this: They inflate the token numbers in the holders' wallets, but they also inflate the liquidity pool at the same rate. In $YLD I changed this, and people will really gain the promised APY. That is why ours is as "low" as 200%. This is not truly low, but compared to usual auto-stake, auto-compound tokens and forks, it is. To keep it sustainable, I introduced a tier system.