When we talk about APY tokens, we should talk about sustainability as well. Well it's a gaping hole at projects where they offer 1,000,000% apy, but well... people seem not to care much about long term.
Our apy will be at 200% (subject to change) at the start of the project, but I'll leave room for changing. We will experiment and see what values work. Since I also impose restrictions on when the apy is applied - I mean the tier system here, which will only reward people with the maximum 200% APY, who are selling small amounts - this will also lower the inflation, since many people are not holding for more than a few minutes or hours, and you will have to be a holder for at least 50 days to receive APY.
Let's compare it to staking: when you stake somewhere, you will receive some APY, but in exchange you tokens will be locked for some time. Now here if you want to receive a significant APY, you will have to advance in tiers, which means you will have to hold, BUT you have the room for taking profits (not selling more than 15% of your current balance within 2 days). So it's like a staking mechanism, where you have room for taking small profits on the way.
Our liquidity tax will also ensure that the liquidity is staying strong.
The key is that I will leave room for adjustments regarding apy.